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Cheat or Treat Meal?

We know what it’s like when you’re working hard to achieve your dream body. Almost everyday you will find yourself exposed to temptations that can be hard to resist, but we’re here to tell you the good news – you’re allowed to indulge!

As the experts say, it’s all about moderation. Giving in to cravings on occasion can be a great way to reward yourself and stay in control. Check out our tips to enjoying your “cheat meal.”

  1. Don’t indulge on an empty stomach

If you know you’re heading out to eat at your favourite restaurant, be sure to eat something small beforehand. This will stop the cravings from taking over, helping you make healthier decisions for your “cheat” meal. Try some berries or a small piece of cheese.

  1. Eat small treats during the days leading up

Sometimes, if we haven’t had our favourite food for a long time, we tend to “pig out” and overeat until we feel unwell. Having small treats every day or two before indulging in a bigger meal will help to satisfy those cravings before they get out of hand. Removing distractions such as the TV as you eat will also prevent overeating, giving you the chance to enjoy your “cheat” meal.

  1. Find out what you’re craving and make it healthier

Craving chocolate? Instead of eating a typical candy bar, consider dipping fruit into a smaller amount of dark chocolate. Substituting what you eat for healthier alternatives is a great way to snack on what you love, without taking away from all your hard work.

  1.  Stop feeling guilty

After months of restricting your eating habits, indulging in something out of the ordinary can bring about a sense of guilt. Just remember, there is no reason to feel guilty. You’ve done the hard work, you deserve a treat.

Happy snacking!

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