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Get Back On Track

Now and then we all like to indulge, but what do we do when we indulge a little too much?


We’ve all been guilty of having that extra slice of cake or glass of wine, but it’s important to know that setbacks are a normal and totally acceptable part of your journey. But what’s more important is knowing how to lift yourself up after feeling down. Here are some of our pro tips to help you get back on track;



  1. Take a step back

It is likely that you think the damage is worse than it is. When we are following a strict diet we become extremely focused on only putting the right foods into our body to maintain that wholesome balance. When we eat something without counting the calories or checking the nutritional info first, we often exaggerate what we think the damage will be out of fear.


  1. Set a new goal

Make a new, short-term goal to tackle the weight you may have gained. Don’t become consumed by the set-back, but instead embrace the new challenge and let it motivate you. Remember to take small steps on the path to a bigger journey and stay positive.


  1. Hit the gym

Sometimes the quickest way to make ourselves feel better is to work out! Aim for a quick 30 minute HIIT session in your fave gym gear. Try a new workout or exercise to make your experience a positive one.


  1. Meal prep

If you’re worried that you’ll fall off the track again soon, try planning your meals for the next few days. Grab some takeaway containers and set aside an hour or two to spend chopping up those nutritious veggies. It’s time to sort out the week to come!


Having a treat is a must in any healthy lifestyle. For more info on what you can do to make your cheat meal a treat meal, check out our blog here!

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