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Solutions for the Chest or Breasts

The area many people turn to for surgical solutions after weight loss is the chest.

Both in men and women.

Weight loss can leave your breast tissue loose, with empty, hanging skin that many find distressing to look at in the mirror.

Not being able to fit a bra properly or not being able to wear a dress without feeling self-conscious is also an important issue.

Surgery can both tighten the breast and lift the drooping nipple to a higher, younger position. Implants are often used to restore breast volume that has been lost as part of the weight loss.

In men, it has the opposite effect: being able to see loose skin and breast tissue under your shirts becomes a big deal: wearing a t-shirts or going to the beach are things to avoid. An operation can help with all these issues by reducing the redundant, loose skin and returning the breast tissue to a more natural and flatter position.

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