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Mindset ... the secret to getting your life back

You’ve lost the weight, and I’m willing to bet you are at least a little worried about it coming back. Your success begins in the mind. Healers have long known about the power of the mind and you can learn to harness its incredible power to stay at your ideal weight after massive fat loss.

Let me share with you some simple tips to develop a mindset that will literally automate good lifestyle choices and keep you motivated so that the weight stays off permanently.

I call it the Pleasure Effect. Humans are powerfully driven by seeking pleasure and avoiding pain and you can use this to your advantage to maintain a healthy weight – just by making it feel great, in your imagination.

The imagination is the seed of your success. Direct it with intention and you will easily keep the weight off.

Try this simple daily practice for at least 60 days in a row and you will experience a powerful mindset transformation.

– Start the day by saying, “I love myself” several times. Feel the pleasure of this statement permeate your whole body (even if you don’t feel it’s true… by repetition, you will come to accept this statement).

– First thing in the morning, visualise yourself at your ideal weight and shape. Feel the pleasure of imagining yourself that way. You can say, “I feel great being at my ideal healthy weight.”

– Do this same visualisation before every meal, and anytime you think about food: imagine the pleasure you feel looking and feeling great at your ideal weight.

– Do this same visualisation to motivate yourself to move your body. Imagine the pleasure you feel having a fit and healthy body.

– Every time you feel an urge to eat out of boredom or an urge to be sedentary, imagine the pleasure your body gets from nutritious food and the joy of physical movement.

– End the day by expressing gratitude for the positive choices you have made, as well as gratitude for the awareness of making automatic poor choices.

– Finally, say, “I love myself” several times. Feel the pleasure of this statement permeate your whole body.

These visualisations take only a few seconds or minutes at a time. They are powerful mental rehearsals of what you want (you at your ideal healthy weight). This leads to effortless adoption of healthy habits to support your ideal weight.

It may feel a bit awkward and silly at first but what is remarkable about this practice is that by associating pleasure with being at your healthy weight, you will actually feel great about making the best lifestyle choices.

You’ve shown yourself BIG love in making the decision to lose the weight… and this simple daily practice will help you keep it off permanently.


James Short

Mindset Coach and Trainer

James has over sixteen years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, personal and business coach and has a degree in Sports Science. He is a certified Trainer in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and DISC Behaviour Style. His degree in sports science and an understanding of the workings of the mind given him the tools to help individuals reach their potential.

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