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Tips to Keep you Hydrated During Your Workout

Staying hydrated during your workout is one the most important components of exercise. Without water, we will begin to dehydrate, causing significant health implications. Today, many professional athletes opt to wear hydration packs to provide them with a quick, efficient way to maintain their water levels during events. For the average person, this may not be the ideal solution. Cost, weight of the pack, and discomfort are enough to make us wonder what other options we have to keep our bodies safe and healthy when we workout.


Run where water is accessible

Opting to run in a park, at the beach, or near a shopping centre will mean quick access to refills when you begin to run out of water.


Run multiple laps
Running in laps will give you the option to leave water in various places on your course that you can come back to when you pass that point next. You may need to keep your bottle hidden to prevent people mistaking it as rubbish and throwing it in the bin!


Run with a friend

Running with a friend means they can also bring a bottle of water, giving you another option if you finish yours – if they don’t mind sharing!


Check out your surroundings

Before running, check out what fast food restaurants and other public areas you may be surrounded by. Often you are able to grab a cup of water for free and use the restrooms.


Whatever the weather, getting active is an important part of any daily routine. Staying hydrated should be everyone’s number one priority as they work hard to achieve their fitness goals. To find out more, call our friendly team on 1300 551 151.

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